Synerception ChiroKlip

ChiroKlip is a new concept in solving the perennial problem of protecting the protruding ends of K wires. ChiroKlip is a powerful self-fixing disposable device developed following extensive trials.

It's a butterly shaped tool that protects the exposed end of the K wire without using old fashioned and inefficient corks or strapping. ChiroKlip locks the wire in position and protects the exposed end from movement or snagging.

Simple to use and requiring no special instruments, ChiroKlip improves patient comfort and recovery time by preventing snagging on bedding, clothing and the smooth profile prevents the patient from cutting or scratching on the exposed end of the wire. It is a safe and reliable protection from pain and possible re-injury.

The single use chiroKlip also helps in the removal of wires by allowing an excellent purchase on the wire.

ChiroKlip is available in boxes of 25 sterile sachets with each sachet containing 2 gamma sterilised chiroKlips.

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