Immunotherapy infusion systems - Freedom60 / FreedomEdge

Easier and more portable than ever;

  • KORU Medical Systems (formerly RMS Medical Products) has developed a compact infusion solution that’s easy to use for smaller or often-repeated applications. It is so simple it makes frequent and flexible dosing a reality – in a safe, controlled manner. Just close and go. 
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Simple and patient friendly system;

  • Easy-to-use equipment allows for quick training and operation – and increased patient compliance.
  • Simple activation means users just close and go.
  • The pump’s silent operation is also convenient for patients.

Safe and dependable;

  • The syringe is enclosed and protected within the pump and stays in place during operation, ensuring a stable infusion with no interferences.
  • The robust design has a minimum life cycle of 7-14 years, calibration-free, without needing batteries. 

    Warranty is limited to Original Purchaser and covers the pump for a period of two years from the purchase date. This warranty is not valid for any damage caused by misuse.

  • By depending on a constant torque negator spring motor, which provides Dynamic Equilibrium, you never have to question the accuracy and precision of FreedomEdge™.

Dynamic equilibrium - ideal for all;

  • The flow is sensitive to the patient’s body and responds to pressure changes at the infusion site in real-time.
  • Dynamic equilibrium creates integral safety while still guaranteeing correct flow.
  • Healthcare providers love the safety of the pump’s continuous flow adjustment.

Ideal for all users;

  • Maximum simplicity means a design perfect for all users, including those with small hands, reduced dexterity and limited strength.
  • Easy to use, and easy to clean, the FreedomEdge™ allows the patient to go from hospital care to home care with no interruptions in treatment.

Go green;

  • Use a system that is environmentally friendly, dramatically reducing the use of materials and disposable plastic while generating less hazardous and medical waste.
  • No batteries or electricity are needed.

Proven products you know and trust. The FreedomEdge™ is designed with quality and made in the USA, from a trusted leader in infusion technology.

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