Postpartum Balloon Catheter

The Postpartum Balloon Catheter is a disposable, multiple lumen catheter, attached to an inflatable balloon system which is designed to provide tamponade for controlling hemorrhage from the uterus and vagina.

  1. 100% silicone material allows for patient comfort.

  2. Pear-shaped balloon design is perfectly fit for uterine anatomy.

  3. Dual lumen catheter allows inflating balloon and monitoring hemorrhage.

  4. Two syringes for inflating balloon rapidly.

  5. Bag spike is equipped with check valve.

  6. Three way stopcock for easy, safe and rapid inflation.

  7. Balloon can intake up to 5000 ml saline water (never air/gas)

  8. Includes 24 fr balloon tamponade, 59 cm catheter with three-way stopcock, bag spike, two 50 ml luer-locked syringes.

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