The FreedomEdge® syringe driver offers a compact infusion solution that’s easy to use for smaller or often-repeated doses. The FreedomEdge® is designed to accommodate 20ml and 30ml syringes. Ideal for babies or children and indicated for the infusion of immunoglobulins and other liquid medications. This battery-free advanced technology uses a negator motor to provide a silent, yet safe constant pressure of 13.5 psi.

In so doing, it creates Dynamic Equilibrium during infusions, so if the absorption rate at your infusion sites decreases, the system will immediately respond by slowing the infusion down. It reacts uniquely to each patient, ensuring the infusion sites are not damaged and when used together with HIgH-Flo needles it prevents the leakage and irritation at the needle entry point often caused by electronic pumps. 

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