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SurgiSuit is a innovative range of patient clothing designed to give medical staff excellent access to all parts of the body with the minimum loss of dignity for the wearer. The embarrassing exposure associated with the standard 'back fastening' hospital gown is no longer acceptable.

SurgiSuit's stylish designs ensure patients remain discreet and comfortable at all times. A network of Velcro openings provide medical access without the patient having to remove the gown, even during invasive procedures or operations. As well as enhancing patient dignity, these openings minimise manual handling requirements for medical staff.

The SurgiSuit range is carefully tailored to suit the needs of all patients including: children (SurgiSuit Kidz) ; patients who require full body coverage (SurgiSuit Religious Consideration) ; and obese / Bariatric patients (SurgiSuit Bariatric) .

SurgiSuit's   disposable range is ideal for use in environments in which there is a particular concern about infection as each patient is the sole user of the gown. The need to issue dressing gowns is also avoided, thus reducing laundry costs.

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